What is Subang Rally?

Subang Rally is an event where Christian Fellowships from all over Subang Jaya come together on ONE DAY for:

TWO awesome sessions which consist of:

CONFERENCE - which is made up of Session 1 and 2, with lunch provided in between. This takes place from 9AM right up till 5.30PM. Two speakers are invited for the conference, one for each session. An estimated 700 people attend the conference every year!

NIGHT CONCERT - FOC for admission! It takes place from 7.30PM onwards. By far the biggest session of the day where it's jam-packed with Praise and Worship, Message from an Invited Speaker and a line-up of performances! About 1000 people are expected to pack the hall every year!

As teenagers,we face many problems such as relationships, peer and family pressure, and stress of our studies. This can bring down the faith of teenagers in Jesus Christ. So through this year's Subang Rally, we want to let them know that no matter how big or small their problems may be, all of us must remember that we have our Almighty God, and through his unfailing love we are strengthened to be UNSHAKEABLE. As Christ is the cornerstone, we must lay our foundation in Him and no wind nor waves can shake us. Teenagers may be searching around for help to lift them up but only in Christ can they find the answer not only to set us free but also to give us an overwhelming victory. Like the Bible verse says, "I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken." - Psalms 16:8

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