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Worship Audition 2018 ENDED

And it is a wrap! 2018 Worship Audition ENDED! We can't wait to see all of you this year :)

Mark's testimony

Being part of the SR team was an opportunity as well as an experience to take an individual passion and convey it to so many lives. Being part of my church's worship team was already a big responsbility, but Subang Rally really felt a lot more significant to me. Being able to serve and lead my own fellow demographic of Subang youths was such a commanding factor in my commitment towards the few months of practice. As we see a more corrupted nation and world by day, it is our responsibility as Christian youths to lead the next generation into a better culture of living. And as an individual, being surrounded by so many passionate christians and role models have changed the way I view serving God. Being a part of Subang Rally has made me more commited to serve in many other ways outside of worship.

Faith's SR worship testimony

'Maybe someone else can do it'
'I'm not good enough to join'
'What if I mess up'
It took me a very long time to decide auditioning for the SR worship team. In the end, I went for it and I've never regretted it. Don't ever let the enemy tell you that you're not good enough to serve God. God doesn't call the qualified, but qualifies the called. In fact, we are all created and commanded to serve Him. Joining the worship team has strengthened my walk with God and I've made many life-long friends. :) -Faith
April 6th is the closing date for worship audition registration!

Worship Audition

Hey guys! It is 2018 and we are starting things up with worship auditions! Anyone who has the heart to worship God is more than welcomed to participate in this years worship audition :)🌟Start by REGISTERING yourself here👉🌟Venue and dates:
Worship auditions will be held on 8th April and 15th April. Location will be in First Baptist Church SS17 (transit hall).🌟Songs:
Joy (C)- planetshakers
Home(C)- planetshakers🌟T&C for auditions:
-Musicians have to bring their own essential instruments (guitar picks, cables, chord sheets, drumsticks, instruments, etc.)- Piano and drum will be provided - To vocalists and worship leader, lyrics will NOT BE PROVIDED. Please memorize the songs!- Dress decently. No flip flops or shorts allowed. - BE ON TIME. NO MALAYSIAN TIMING - come with an open heart for Jesus. Don't forget to bring your energy and passion to serve Him!🌟If you make it through auditions, be prepared to commit every practice in First Bapt…